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The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry (Belneftekhim Concern) is one of the largest industrial complexes of the Republic of Belarus.

Belneftekhim was created in April 1997 and comprises enterprises and organizations for crude oil production, refining and transportation, oil product sales, chemistry and petrochemistry, several scientific, research and development, construction, repair and commissioning organizations, as well as a developed distribution network in foreign markets.

Belneftekhim manufactures over 500 kinds of petrochemical and chemical products.

Belneftekhim's enterprises perform a full cycle of works related to crude oil exploration and production, its transportation, refining and oil product sales.

Belarusian oil refineries feature a high technology level of oil refining efficiency and oil product quality meeting world standards.

Organizations of the petrochemical industry of Belarus produce:

mineral fertilizers (nitrogen and NPK);

over 300 types and sizes of tires in an amount of over 5 mln per year for cars, trucks and heavy haulers, buses, trolleybuses, road-building vehicles, tractors and farm machines;

polyester fibers and yarns;

low-density polyethylene both of base grades and compositions on its basis, as well as a wide range of acrylic fibers;

glass fiber and its products;

nylon fibers and yards, cord fabrics, as well as virgin nylon-6 and composite materials on its basis;

biodiesel fuel;

paints, varnishes and other products.

The present level of organization of production, continuous focus on technical upgrade and modernization of production facilities along with highly skilled workers and experts are the key components of stable work of Belneftekhim, which let the industry ensure a high technology and quality level of products.

All organizations of Belneftekhim work as per the system of international quality standards of the ISO 9000 series. As for the quality and environmental purity of motor fuel, the Republic of Belarus is the leader among the CIS countries. Much effort is being made for implementation ofenvironmental management standards of the ISO 14000 series and of the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety assessment standard.

A priority of Belneftekhim's investment policy is realization of investment projects with high and resource-saving technologies, which are aimed at producing export and import-substituting goods.

Products of Belneftekhim organizations are exported to more than 90 countries of the world. Over 70 per cent of products manufactured by the petrochemical industry are sold to foreign markets.

Further development of the distribution network, search of new business partners, active promotion of petrochemical and chemical products to foreign markets is a strategic activity of Belneftekhim.